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Supporting highest resolution available (32/768 PCM + DSD256), Da Vinci DAC MKII features dual dedicated engines: a resistor ladder DAC (R2R) for PCM decoding and a dealta sigma DAC for DSD decoding.

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Lightspeed 10G USB Cables


LightSpeed USB uses a unique topology, which we call Ultra-high Speed Differential Pair (or USDP). USDP gives LightSpeed 20 times the bandwidth of USB 2.0 high speed, which ensures optimal signal clocking.

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Lightspeed Revive


You’ve heard it a thousand times garbage in, garbage out. But, what if it were possible to take a compromised signal, strip away the garbage (noise and timing errors), and pass along a darn near perfect data stream? That’s exactly how we designed The LightSpeed USB Revive.

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Lightspeed 20G


With our new Lightspeed 20G USB Cable we enhance two key things: (1) Completely bypass the USB sending device’s noisy 5V power supply with an ultra low noise 5V battery based power supply (2) Regenerate and re-clock the USB high speed data stream with our “Regenerate and Revive” circuitry that exceeds the USB 3.0 standard.

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